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Mwaa-haha. It’s Halloween, time for some spooky fun. Check out all of the magical Disney-inspired kids Halloween costumes, games, crafts, decorations, recipes and have some ghoulish holiday fun.

For kids, it’s another chance to dress up as your favorite character or hero! And these Top Kids Halloween Costumes, represent both! This guide will help you and your kids find the perfect Halloween costume!

34 DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas - C.R.A.F.T.

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    Looking for the coolest boys costumes, or for kids Halloween costume ideas? Look no further than Party City — your Halloween costume headquarters! Consider our huge inventory of quality, affordable boys costumes: Star Wars costumes, pirate costumes, ninja costumes, warrior costumes, and more. All costumes for boys are designed specifically for boys — with their tastes and preferences in mind, with materials that stand up to the wear and tear that kids put them through, and with machine washable pants and shirts. Most of the boys costumes are pre-accessorized, which means that you're getting a character that's nearly complete straight out of the package, and not just a jumpsuit that needs to be finished with the additional purchase of a mask, belt, and shoe covers.

    Take advantage while you can, folks! There is only so long your kids will allow you to gently nudge their halloween costume decisions, and the adorable photo ops are totally worth it. There really isn’t much cuter than coordinated kids halloween costumes. Let your older child pick what she wants to be, and I bet you’ll be able to come up with something for little brother or sister to wear to match. Get creative, pull out your favorite storybooks and nursery rhymes for inspiration. Head to the fabric store if you’re crafty or you could use some of our store bought coordinated kids halloween costume ideas below.