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Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Audio Sharing Port (Pink)


EasySMX Kid Safe Headphones: Review - YouTube

Kid Safe Headphones by Maxell®. Whether you are a fan of jazz, classical, rock, or pop music, deep basses are what you need to experience a great feeling of excitement.

My review for the EasySMX Kid Safe Headphones.

Colour: Blue (Pink also available)

Price: £11.99


Thank you to EasySMX for sending this out to me.

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My review for the EasySMX Kid Safe Headphones

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KidzSafe Audio | KidzSafe Audio Headphones and Speakers

Hello kitty kid safe headphone is a very colorful and high quality device. It made specially for kids age between 3-9. It used latest kid-safe technology for protect their ears. Also, It has built in volume limiter, which protects children’s hearing by automatically limiting audio volume to approximately 80% of the original maximum volume. Your kid will love this hello kitty character and headphone. Hello kitty kid safe headphone is compatible with all the devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Also, It can use with portable gaming devices such as the PS Vita and Nintendo DS series.

Maxell has made listening to music and movies even more enjoyable for children with comfortable child-sized ear covers and the ability to personalize the look with interchangeable color caps in pink, blue or silver. Maxell’s Kids Safe Headphones and Kids Safe Ear Clips are also affordable for parents.