KidCo Hearth Gate - to block fireplace

KidCo Hearth Gate


Kidco Hearthgate-Fireplace, Hearth & BBQ Grill (G3100)

The door on the Kidco Hearth Gate is wide enough to access the stove for loading and cleaning. It is a little tight in our hearth area with the Kidco Hearth Gate installed but we wanted as compact of an installation as possible, so this is a reflection on our choices and not the product.

The Kidco Hearth Gate is well made and attractive. It adjusts at 2 degree increments and the 24″ sections are removable to customize the size you might need around your own stove, insert, or fireplace. We needed to get the optional for our Kidco Hearth Gate because of having the stove set in the corner and a Baseball Diamond shaped hearth. The extension gives the Kidco Hearth Gate a custom installed look and my wife is happy with the aesthetics.

Kidco Hearthgate-Fireplace, Hearth & BBQ Grill (G3100) PSU-G3100: ..

  • KIDCO HEARTHGATE G70 FIREPLACE GATE, Bought Mental Peace Review by iamraja26 November, 02 2011 Pros: Light weight, economical, flexible, good colour, see through Cons: Length can not be increased or decreased, price can be little lower
  • Kidco HearthGate Pet and Child Safety Gate - Gates USA

    My one criticism (a very minor one) is that the Kidco Hearth Gate should come with wall anchors. My little monster is pretty rough on this and I don’t want it to rip out of the wall, so I consider the anchors to be mandatory. A quick trip to Home Depot fixed this little over sight on an otherwise top notch product. I can safely recommend this to anyone looking to keep a toddler from climbing on the stove.

    I’m a big fan of the Kidco Hearth Gate and after years of use I can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone. It is strong, attractive, and works perfectly. It is the compromise between my wood burning desires and my wife’s safety concerns.