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Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink


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The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen sells for $250 and is available from a few online retailers, or as we purchased it seasonally at Costco for much less. As a parent you are probably well equated with the term "some assembly required". If you aren't, after you put this kitchen together you will be. The kitchen comes in a gi-normous box with the fridge being put-it-together-all-by-yourself while the stove/sink unit comes mostly assembled. This kitchen is made of real wood and heavy - the box weighs in around 85 pounds! My poor step-mother-in-law had quite a time getting this home from and had to call in reinforcements (Grandpa & his SUV) because the box was as big as she is and couldn't fit in her 4 door sedan.

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  • With the KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator, kids can cook up feasts for the whole family. The young chefs in your life are sure to love this wooden kitchen's bright colors and adorable details.
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  • KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

    A quick tour of the KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen that we own. Check this video out if you are interested in purchasing one and would like a closer look before doing so.

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    The size of this kitchen for us has worked great. Because its 2 pieces I was able to set the fridge up on an angle in a corner and put the stove/sink nearby on one of the sidewalls. You could set the 2 pieces up next to each other or completely apart. The KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen is smaller in size than the pieces from Pottery Barn Kids. Whereas PBK sells the stove and sink separately - KidKraft has the 2 in a combined unit. PBK's set is also taller (32" for the stove as opposed to 27", and 36" for the fridge as opposed to 32"). This makes the KidKraft set have more appeal and ease of use for younger children, but also means it may be outgrown quicker. I only wish that KidKraft also made matching washer/dryer and dishwasher pieces the way that PBK does but at KidKraft prices. I know someone with a PBK retro kitchen and my daughter's KidKraft which cost less than 1/3 of the price of their's is just as nice (and in some ways, nicer).