Barbie got a nice bag, kids make up set!

Princess Girl's all-in-one Deluxe Makeup Palette with mirror


Barbie Makeup Set For Kids Makeup set for kids!

Got a big Barbie cute bag, kids make up set!

Complete lip gloss and eye shadow and nail!
Of course lip or chip face brushes, Barbie logo Emery-Bo-de (nail) until that comes, so
Various makeup and how you can enjoy this set alone.
It no longer can be naughty MOM's cosmetics.

Plenty of sets from the perfect party pieces with sisters, friends gather at.
Miller got on the inside of the bag, so your makeup box.
A cute backpack, Barbie Bangkok to bring when you go out.

You can nail it water soluble, so drop in water!

To wear any makeup or MOM and dad enjoy!
Please give copy too many cute pictures!

♦ Beauty On The Go Beaute ' Express
♦ bag size height 26 cm x 28 cm x 13 cm
♦ is the protective film are pasted on the mirror. Please use the Peel if you receive.
♦ set contents
Three lipstick and lipgloss (tube), 1,
One lip gloss (Jerry) and lip gloss (palette) 2 pieces
Shimmer powder 4-3 Nail Polish, comb, mirror, ring 2,
Brush Tip lip hairclip, tudebayder, nail file

If you have been looking for a , you have found not only one of the few out there, but the best one available. You see, Mini-Play Makeup is a pretend (or fake) makeup set manufacturer for children. Our founder was fed up with her daughter getting into her makeup so she searched but found nothing available. Consequently she invented her own. It had to not only look like real makeup but it had to feel like real makeup to the touch. In other words, it had to be authentic enough to keep children playing with it so they would stop getting into mothers makeup. And that’s how Mini-Play Makeup was turned into the finest kids pretend makeup set manufacturer in the world today.

We Have the Perfect Kids Pretend Makeup Set

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Barbie Makeup Set For Kids Barbie makeup set

You see, to be authentic enough to pass the length of time play test, Mini-Play Makeup tested several ideas before landing on the current combination of materials and components that make it both look and feel real to the touch. It looks real to children, which draws them in. But, not only that, it feels like real makeup to the touch when you rub your fingertips across it’s surface. Nearly everyone who touches it immediately looks at their fingertip to see if any color has transferred to their finger tip. Naturally, because our kids pretend makeup set is fake, no color transfers to their skin, lips, eye lashes, etc.