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This list of kids party games is tailored specifically for any party for a very young child, usually three years of age or younger (although they can be played with older kids as well!). These preschool kids party games include:

A fun way to have kids excited about the mystery of what’s within the parcel, having to be one of the best kids birthday party games of all time! You will need a small gift and a few tasty treats along with some old news paper and sticky tape. Firstly wrap the present with the newspaper and with a new layer add a small treat and wrap tightly. Add as many layers as you like for however many children there are. Make sure you do this well before the birthday begins.

Kids Birthday Party Games, Easy and Inexpensive Party Themed Games

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Tag, you're it! The kids party games on this list all involve someone being "It". Tag games are best played outside, unless you have a large indoor party space. Games include:

Divide your guests into teams and away you go! Races and relay games are lots of fun because they are kids party games that involve everyone. These party games for kids include: