This all other Kidz Bop CDs are a waste of your time and money!



Kidz Bop is celebrating it's 15th birthday in 2016

KIDZ BOP CDs are the kind of music that parents want to like. Certainly the people at Kidz Bop had the best intentions when they created this popular series. They wanted to provide kid-friendly versions of current songs by popular artists so families could share an enjoyable music experience together. And perhaps they might have succeeded if they had done a better job of cleaning up the few songs with lines that just aren't appropriate for kids and found musicians who didn't sound like first-round rejects.

I don’t know about your kids.. but Lily LOVES the Kidz Bop CDs! She has been counting down the days until #30 is released! is a great place to pick up the CD because it comes with a free digital MP3 download.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is horrible! They've ruined all the great songs, like The Anthem and I'd Do Anything. I've always wondered how the original artists feel about some little kids ruining their songs. This all other Kidz Bop CDs are a waste of your time and money!

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The girls and I recently received a collection of Kidz Bop merchandise including: Kidz Bop 26, 27, 28, and 29. The last few weeks, my daughters have been playing these CD night and day. They sing and dance to the music throughout our house. When it’s time to go, they grab the CDs and take them in the car with us. A few of their favorite songs are: Happy, Timber, Best Day Of My Life, Uptown Funk, and Time Of Our Lives. On average, the Kidz Bop CDs feature 15 popular songs.

I appreciate what Kidz Bop does. I don’t want my kids listen to music with lyrics full of cursing or degrading statements. I don’t want to hear it either. Having Kidz Bop CDs allows us to enjoy trendy songs in a little bit different way.