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K'NEX Star Shooter Coaster Building Set


Stealth - Inverted Knex Roller Coaster by tomisdabomb02

I got a question about the compatibility of Knex roller coaster sets: My son has a roller coaster, the screamin serpent, and he likes to ride more coasters on the track. Is it possible to expand the roller coaster with more carts. I can answer this question with 'yes' and 'no'.First the 'no': Unfortenately not

Good news! Knex roller coasters has become cheaper. And moreover Knex released three new models, so here is an update of the models. The packs are ideal for a starter to try (for ages 9+) or addition to a collection.

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Description: Knex wooden roller coaster.
Date: 11-07-2008 9:02 AM
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To give some new opportunities for a roller coaster you can choose roller coaster cars and purchase these extra seperately from a roller coaster construction. Knex roller coaster packages contain a roller coaster car in the same theme of the ride. But you can choose to purchase extra cars in different colors (red, white and

I had no idea there were so many variations of the Knex roller coasters! Great Christmas gift ideas for my boys this year. I had a hard time picking a favorite but two of my sons have volcano fascinations so I ended up picking the Lava one. Neat stuff!