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Krazy Kart Racing Download now, Don’t miss it! Start your engines – the most extensive iPhone Kart Racing game of all times is now available! Get into your kart and experience the thrill of speed on 16 varied race tracks. Krazy Kart Racing features several game modes, allowing you to play in campaign mode or multiplayer mode with up to ten of your friends over Wi-Fi. Compete in 5 different singleplayer modes with 10 well-known Konami characters in 3D cartoon style or challenge your friends in local or internet wifi multiplayer mode. Use the countless extras to activate the nitro boost, slow down your opponents with obstacles and take the lead. Dynamic camera balancing helps you focus completely on racing, leading to an outstanding playability. Can you cross the finish line in first place?

Start your engines- grab your Kart and experience the thrill of speed on 16 varied race tracks. Krazy Kart Racing is a hilarious racing game for Android , similar to Crash Bandicoot Racing or Mario Kart . If you like racing games, surely you’ll love Krazy Kart Racing.

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Krazy Kart 3D is a 3D game for all lovers of driving games for all the frantic men and women who love to get on a Kart and download all the adrenaline of the day or month. Krazy Kart 3D flash game is a crazy driver in 3D, without the need for unity 3D. Krazy Kart 3D is a simple game, you play with the arrow keys of the computer. Use shift and control to drift to launch objects. Right now they are playing Krazy Kart 3D million players, I hope you do not miss it and enjoying Continues maraviillosos games like this on our website. Do not forget to leave a comment to know the opinion of all.
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Race go-karts against wild pigs! Krazy Karts 3D features time trials and championship modes. You can drift across dry roads, sandy beaches, and snowy mountains. Drive through boxes to pick up ammo, and collect coins to spend on better stats!