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Have you ever wondered how to keep Easter lilies blooming even after the holiday? Have you ever wished you had a creative project for all those bulk plastic Easter eggs you find in stores? Here are some great tips on Easter lily saving techniques and fun projects you can do with large plastic Easter eggs to bring the colors of spring into your home. Also, we have more fun with Easter Games for the kids and other great free Easter craft projects.

They started as large plastic Easter eggs from Michael’s. They ended up encased in plastic cement, fiberglass, thinset, tile, and grout.
They’re a gift for friends with chickens in their backyard. What will the chickens will think of them? (You can see by her expression that Schnap does not appreciate being thrown into the picture for scale)

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Giant Plastic Egg - Extra Large Plastic Easter Eggs - Miles Kimball

Easter is a great holiday for crafters because it is one of the first springtime celebrations of the year. A staple of Easter crafting are the large plastic Easter eggs found just about everywhere during the season. They are cheap, easy to use and can be reused over and over again. Here are some great, quick and easy crafts that incorporate large plastic Easter eggs.

This great video by Crayola will teach you and your kids how to play this exciting Easter Game with Large Plastic Easter Eggs that will keep the little ones busy all Easter morning!