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Large Heavy Duty Wooden Baby Playpen 8 panels £68.99 - reviews by parents of twins No parents of twins have reviewed this heavy duty large playpen. Be the first to send us your review. Shop Find out more or buy on Amazon. Review Be the first to send… Large Heavy Duty Wooden Baby Playpen 8 panels Large Heavy Duty Wooden Baby ...

A playpen is oftentimes a necessity when your toddler starts to explore the surroundings. To keep the child safe and away from danger, consider a large playpen which allows plenty of room for play and exploration. Here is a collection of large toddler playpens on offer. Browse below.

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Our Rat Playpen has had rave reviews! A favorite of rat owners and ratties themselves, the Playpen provides an amazing 44" x 22" x 24" or 44" x 44" x 24" of safe, confined space for your pet to run and play. The flip-top lid closes securely to thwart escape artists. The mesh we use on our Rat playpens is ½" x 1" black powder-coated mesh. The Playpen collapses flat for easy transporting and storage. Best if used on a solid, flat surface. Simply add your favorite toys and watch your ratties have fun. The Playpen should be used under supervision.

  • Small Playpen measures 44" x 22" x 24"
  • Large Playpen measures 44" x 44" x 24"
  • Flip-top lid
  • Collapsible for easy transport and storage


Small Rat Playpen

Large Rat Playpen

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See reviews by parents of twins on this extra large playpen. Discover lots more products that are designed for twins and leave your recommendations too.

This depends on the size of your dog. A husky, for example, will be able to jump out of even a large playpen. A puppy play pen will be significantly smaller in size compared to a pen designed for a larger dog.