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The Learning Groove, Atlanta, GA

The Learning Groove is a holistic music enrichment approach. We are interested in the whole child, and we see music as the instrument (pun intended) to promote development in music aptitude, pitch, melody and rhythm, as well as language, imagination, motor skills, cultural awareness and creative expression. We know you are taking this program so that your child will have more musical choices in their life as well as to stimulate their academic possibilities and overall happiness.

The Learning Groove Classes are parent/child music & movement classes for children newborn to age five. The Learning Groove music program was created by the author and music producer of the New York Times Best Selling “Pete the Cat” books.

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We hope you love the classes and CDs and make The Learning Groove a healthy part of your child’s education. The skills developed in one session facilitate even more learning in future sessions. So we provide you the opportunity to stay with us for two or more years, so your child may enjoy extraordinary growth. The more sessions you take the more your child benefits.

The Learning Groove, a music and movement program that promotes early learning with a focus on developing a child’s music aptitude, motor coordination, social learning skills, and language acquisition, is proud to present three amazing musicians to perform at Amplify Decatur on June 21st at 2pm. Eric Litwin, also known as Mr. Eric, is the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of the first four “Pete The Cat” picture books. He has sold more than 1.5 million books, been translated into seven languages, and has won 15 state and national awards, including the prestigious Theodor Geisel Seuss Honor Award.