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The LEGO name was created by meaning "play well."

Last but not least, the new spring loaded missiles. I'm happy Lego is using them instead of flick-fire missiles, but will the spring-loaded replace the flick-fire? Because just by looking at the 2014 sets, it appears that Lego is overusing the spring loaded. They even unnecessarily added them in set 75037! I hope Lego wouldn't abuse them the same way how they abused flick-fires.

General Grievous' new color is appropriate for the movie version, and was very pleased that Lego didn't remain the tan color from the Clone Wars variant. What I do NOT like is that Lego kept Grievous' long neck. In Episode III, Grievous never had a long neck. He only had the long neck when he appeared in the Clone Wars. I find it disappointing how Lego stuck with his long necked head mold.

LEGO Nexo Knights 70336 Ultimate AXL - $9.99

Logo of Lego since 1998
Type Construction set
Inventor Ole Kirk Christiansen
Company The Lego Group
Country Denmark
Availability 1949–present
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LEGO Nexo Knights 70337 Ultimate Lance NYTF - $9.99

I know it's sad how Lego regressed the guns to a more Lego-ish simplistic design. But don't we all have tons of spare 'better' looking guns? I mean just because Lego made the battle pack troopers equip those guns, doesn't mean we have to use those guns on the troopers when we display them of course. The new guns are basically optional and don't have to be used. You should be glad that Lego only used them in battlepacks and not the rest. And yes, the guns do not look pleasant AT ALL!

Based on the blockbuster movie that reignited people’s passion for the Star Wars universe, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens follows the adventures of Rey, a desert scavenger and her newly acquired robot buddy BB8 as they become embroiled in the ongoing struggle between rebel forces and the First Order. If you’ve seen the movie, you already know all this but there’s more to this Lego version of the events than you get from the cinematic experience.