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LEGO City 7499 Flexible Tracks Set


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Our 2 year olds, Josh & Noah, built this all by themselves while the Daddy's just watched...Ummm...you believe us, right??? If this isn't the ultimate Lego Duplo train track, I wanna know what is...

Turn and twist your tracks however you want!LEGO Train tracks were never like this before! Each modular piece is flexible and can bend left or right. Connect them together to create even more detailed and realistic train layouts! Contains 64 flexible track elements! Track length measures 84.8 inches (204.8cm) long

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LEGO Train Track Straight 16L (17275 / 53401) LEGO Train Track ..

The geometry of LEGO train track switches/points was change with the 9V system. The parallel track is now 8 studs aside the main track. The parallel track at the 4,5V/12V system is directly at the main track without any gap.

To know the angle you just need to compute the arctan of B/A. Personally, I decided that the angle approach was pointless as I wasn’t able to use 60 straight tracks to get my train up and down… so instead I just decide that I want to climb 12 bricks high using 16 straight LEGO Train tracks. If you see the above diagram you will see that it is pretty straightforward to compute how tall each track must be. It is just constant to (A/B)=(C/D)