2015 LEGO Ultra Agents Spyclops Infiltration 70166 Set

LEGO Ultra Agents 70165 Mission Headquarters


You can purchase the LEGO Ultra Agents Mission HQ Play Set at

Next up we have the “impulse” buy set of the Winter 2015 LEGO Ultra Agents sets wave, the LEGO 70166 Spyclops Infiltration set. Containing 109 pieces, this nifty little set should retail for around $12.99 in most retail stores. I don’t usually care very much about the extra-small LEGO sets at this price-point, but I really dig the LEGO Spyclops mech’s design.

Aside from the Spyclops mech walker, this set includes the debut minifigures of a new LEGO Ultra Agents and the first-ever LEGO Spyclops minifigure (not to be confused with the LEGO Agents Spy Clops minifigure, which was a totally-different-and-not-nearly-as-cool guy).

You can purchase the LEGO Ultra Agents Riverside Raid at

LEGO Ultra Agents 2014 UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter 70170 Set

Another new recruit to the LEGO Ultra Agents roster is going to have his hands full with his first mission, as he’s out to catch the LEGO equivalent of the Invisible Man in the 70167 LEGO Invizable Gold Getaway set! At 237 pieces for $19.99–including two brand-new minifigures–this set is a great deal.

This set was originally called LEGO Stealth Bike Chase 70167, although I don’t know what’s so stealthy about a bike that seems to transform into some sort of crazy hover vehicle. I think I’d like the LEGO Ultra Agents Stealth Bike better if it didn’t transform, as it honestly looks kind of ridiculous in its hover mode.