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Earlier I talked about the upcoming set, and while I wasn’t crazy about that set, this next LEGO Iron Man 3 set is more to my liking: the LEGO Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle 76006. If you’re looking forward to having your own LEGO War Machine minifigure, you’ll be picking up this set–because it’s the only known set in 2013 War Machine is coming in…

Pictures have been spotted via an ebay seller of the new LEGO War Machine Minifigure which is set to be released in April 2013. The minifigure’s torso and leg printing looks crisp.

Lego War Machine | Legos | Pinterest

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  • LEGO War Machine Minifigure 2013 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The LEGO Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle is anchored by the three minifigures that it includes: Iron Man in his Mark XLII armor, War Machine, and Aldrich Killian. The LEGO War Machine minifigure in this set is particularly worthy of note, as War Machine didn’t appear in the Avengers movie and thus has never been made as a LEGO minifigure before. I love the little red “flaming” propulsion studs that attach to War Machine’s feet and hands (Iron Man has blue studs for the same reason).



    A review of the new coming LEGO War Machine minifigure. We also show it side-by-side next to the LEGO Iron Man minifigure.

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