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LEGO DUPLO 10572 Creative Play All-in-One-Box-of-Fun


LEGO Duplo Building Sets for Fun and Skill Development

The 71 Piece LEGO Duplo Set For Toddlers will create great visions in your child`s imagination, they will be fondly swooping into this tub of beautiful LEGO blocks extracting hours of building fun. This LEGO Duplo Set is recommended from 1 & 1/2yrs to 5yrs so it makes the ideal Starter LEGOS Suitable For Toddlers starting at 18 months.

LEGO Duplo are the first LEGOS For Toddlers that your young child will learn to build with, some of the LEGO Duplo Sets are suitable from the age of 1 1/2yrs and will stay suitable up to 6yrs of age.

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Easy Toddler Art Activity Using Legos

To for you are not only investing in a Great Toy you are also investing in your child`s early development by introducing practical building and coordination skills that your child will thrive on in life. Teaching your Children to build and create with LEGOS For Toddlers is fun not only for your child but you will get great satisfaction watching them build and create for themselves.