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LINCOLN LOGS - 100th Anniversary Tin - 111 All-Wood Pieces - Ages 3+ Construction Education Toy


I have always thought Lincoln Logs had something to do with .

, Vice President Joe Biden said it looked like the McCormick Quarry Bridge was held up with Lincoln Logs. Now, after a weekend’s worth of work, the Lincoln Logs are no more and the bridge is back open to traffic.

RL: Yup, I used Lincoln Logs. I never liked Barbies, I always liked Lincoln Logs. When I was in middle school we had programs where we could build robots and stuff.

Lincoln Logs! I had them when I was a kid.

Foamwood Lincoln Logs

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- The lincoln logs classic frontier cabin has durable, wooden pieces. It's a go anywhere, build anything system that will let your child's imagination flourish!

John Lloyd Wright was inspired to create the toys by his father’s design for the in Tokyo, which featured interlocking beams in its foundation, and it seems that John named his log toysets after his father. It was a fascinating discovery to learn that Lincoln Logs have more to do with a famous family of architects than with the President most closely associated with the .