Vintage 1980 Hasbro LITE BRITE Popeye The Sailor Man by AnaWho

Basic Fun Lite Brite Magic Screen


Title: Lite Brite Refill: Little Miss (SQUARE) - Buy 2, get 1 FREE

I had given the Lite Brite a lot of thought back when I was roughly four years old, and occasionally thereafter. I only remember little bits and pieces of the kids’ program Captain Kangaroo, but I remember the Lite Brite ads that supported the good Captain and his loyal sidekick, Mr. Greenjeans. I remember the ads very well, because it was one of the earliest engineering challenges I ever tackled. How the heck did the dang thing WORK?

You remember Lite Brite, don’t you? It is a backlit frame into which you can stick translucent plastic pegs. The colored pegs glow merrily. Lite Brite! You can paint with light! the jingle went (approximately).

Lite Brite Underwater Refill Set by Schylling.

Lite Brite LED Flatscreen
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Lite Brite: the original digital picture frame.

Last night as my sweetie and I were sharing a big salad and watching TV, she turned to me and said, “We should do Lite Brite!” I readily agreed. I had never seen an actual Lite Brite in action.

Hasbro Lite Brite LED Flatscreen is going to spark kids' imagination. They need to follow the given patterns and place pegs into the electronic board. They can even create their own creative patterns. Once kids have finished placing the pegs, all they need to do is press the button and the pegs in the pattern are going to light up in a psychedelic glow.