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As Radar revealed, the youngest Roloff sibling took to social media to share about meeting a young reality star, The Little Family‘s Jack Hamill, 7, and reflecting on his own experience on a hit TLC series. (Little People’s first season aired in 2006, when Jacob was just 9.)

The album also contains a few original productions by myself. At the time of writing WABHOW, i spent a lot of time trying different ideas and taking tracks in different directions. All this experimentation generated lots of spare ideas, sketches and recordings. Many of these never made it onto the finished album. Not necessarily because they were uninteresting, but maybe because i felt they didn't quite fit the project at the time. So rather than confine them to an archive on a hard drive, i thought i should spruce them up a little as little skits - or offcuts - in between the actual remixes. In that way this remix project retains a little more of the Little People DNA.

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    I realize the mainstream and mass-produced isn't really our steez around here, but is a pretty long time, and for a lot of us, Fisher-Price's Little People may be largely responsible for igniting that collector's fire we all share inside. There were so many varieties, and they were so fun to play with that if you had one, you probably had a box full.

    Anybody else have this bad boy? It was one of the first Little People playsets I remember rolling around on the living room carpet with, and when hit theaters, it made a reasonable substitute for an F-14 Tomcat. It also held enough Little People to make for some delightfully horrific plane crashes. Not quite as cool as an F-14, but hey, you could bring the dog along. More often than not, he was the goddamned pilot.