Take an exciting drive 'off-road' with the Little Tikes Cozy Truck.

Little Tikes Cozy Truck


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Little Tikes Cozy Truck features a flatbed with a drop-down tailgate which can be used to take along all favorite toys, rugged “off road” wheels that provide freedom of mobility, both a gas cap and a driver’s door that can be open and close, an amazing steering wheel that comes with a working horn, distinctive truck styling that comes with a realistic front grill, and a removable floorboard which is in for protection when toddlers’ feet are too short, and out for them to use foot-to-floor power. Also fun graphics and dash, tail and headlight decals will make this cozy truck even more beautiful.

I have to be honest here; the Little Tikes Monster Truck was a gift for my daughter. I was bound and determined that she would have boy and girl toys to play with, and since she loved her cousins' and friends' trucks, this was a truck that she wanted for Christmas one year.

The Big Green Machine

Well, as I sat down to write this review, my 21-month-old son ran up, grabbed it, and absconded with it down the hall, so once again I have to write a review from memory. These children need to sleep more.

The Little Tikes Monster Truck is built of the same sturdy plastic you've come to expect from Little Tikes. The truck body is a kelly green, with a black truck bed, black interior, and purple "stuff" in the bed. (Is this an exhaust system? I have to admit that I know next to nothing about customizing cars and trucks). The wheels are large chunky black plastic wheels on metal axles, which bring the truck up to a true monster size. The truck has sticker details on the sides with the Little Tikes logo and a sort of "flame" design.

Along with the Little Tikes Monster Truck, you get a driver, all dressed in a racing suit and helmet. As you can see in the picture, he's tiny in comparison to the truck, and is quickly misplaced, although he sometimes makes an appearance along with the driver of the .

Play Value

Dollar for dollar, the Little Tikes Monster Truck is a terrific value. I'm always a big fan of toys without batteries, because they require imagination, and this truck has it in spades.

The Little Tikes Monster Truck has been with us for almost two years now. It's been pushed around the house by crawling children, carried Barbie gear and blocks, been in races with the Loader, and does just about anything two little kids can think of, and yet it still looks almost brand new.

The truck is sturdy, and even at its low price, Little Tikes still added in details, such as the Little Tikes name imprinted on the tires as well as their 1-800 Customer Service number, which appears like the information you'd usually find on tires.

My one and only gripe about this truck is trying to get the driver in. The windshield and other windows are large enough that he can fit through them to be seated in the driver's seat (and his construction buddy from the Loader set can ride along in the passenger seat). The only problem? Little hands just don't have the dexterity to maneuver them into place, so taking them in and out usually involves a "Mo-o-o-m-ee! Come do this."

Aside from that one issue, though, this is a great toy at an even better price.

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    The Little Tikes Cozy Truck was designed for children aged 1.5 to 5 years up to 50 lbs. Children can ride it by sticking their feet through the bottom and moving so the wheels turn. Its features include an opening door, a smiley face on the front, realistic decals and a working horn on the steering wheel. The rugged wheels work for indoor or outdoor use.

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