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Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card


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The live checking cards would provide a new way for people to watch their spending. The cards could really change the way that people budget their money and could possibly eliminate debt. People would have a very clear view of what they’re spending and what they owe.

Just in time for the release of the Xbox One, Amazon is now running a promo for gamers looking to re-up on a year of Xbox Live. Right now, if you buy a 12 month Gold subscription from the e-tailer, you’ll score a free $20 Xbox Live gift card and yes this can be used with the Xbox One.

Live Love Cards – A Community of Card-Lovers

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Live Love Cards A Community of Card-Lovers

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Ok so I was browsing the web yesterday and I found that sears had the $49.99 xbox live card for $19.99. Kool right? So I got in my truck and headed on down to the mall only to find that they did not carry them. DAMMIT!!!!! Well I figured that walmart did the whole price match thing so I would just go and get it there for the same price. After talking to 2 managers they said “We cant do that because we cant find it in the paper where they are offering it” Ok fine what ever