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Your lovebird cage should have at least two or three perches of various sizes, shapes and textures so that its feet stay healthy and strong. Make sure the perches are thick enough for the bird to stand comfortably on them without losing its balance. The smallest perch a lovebird should be given is 1/2" in diameter. Choose perches made from a variety of materials such as wooden dowels, natural wood branches, bonded sand/concrete (for keeping their nails trimmed), and rope.

Your lovebird cages are neatly arranged and completely set-up in your living room—ready for your new parrots to move in. You are totally pumped and can’t wait until these adorable creatures grace your life and home.

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Another reason to be sure you get the largest Lovebirds cage that you can is to accommodate swings, ladders and other toys that are necessary to keep your Lovebirds active. Lovebirds require opportunities to be active while in their cage to help promote and maintain good physical and emotional health.

Thinking about daily clean-up and behavioral problems may dampen your enthusiasm for bird ownership. You may be tempted to take the birdcages and all the bird-supplies back to the store. But wait. Caring for a parrot can be quite simple if you purchase an adequate birdcage to begin with. Well-designed lovebird cages can make clean-up quick and easy. Plus they can keep your bird happy so poor behavior never develops.