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Lullaby lyrics: Sleep, Baby, Sleep

5D Lullaby for Baby

Your baby cries a lot? Can you put a nice sound to calm your baby and sleep like an angel. Choose the music and the time and put your child to sleep, a beautiful song That will really calm your baby.
The lullaby is a soothing song, usually sung to young children before They go to sleep.
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Bedtime Lullaby - Sleeping Baby, Lullaby for Baby, Long version

This more than one hour long calm babies lullaby is a helping hand for You, who's trying to put baby to sleep.

It was very useful for me, so I hope it'll be useful for You too!

Written and produced by Moody Field

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Оригинальное название Lullaby For Baby
Текущая версия 1.4
Система Android 2.2.x
Тип устройства телефон, планшет
Тип процессора
Языки EN, ja, de, ko, fr, es, it, pt, ru
код разработчика sleep

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Lullaby for Baby - Bedtime Lullaby (Pillow song- Moody Field)

This calm babies lullaby is very helpful when You're trying to put your baby to sleep.
Putting baby to sleep was never an easy job for me, but with these lullabies my baby falls a sleep very quickly!

I hope You and Your baby will like it :)

Written and produced by
Moody Field