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However, the battle was not won, for ISAAC had the power to shut off the air supply of Titan, and ISAAC had sent his right hand man, Stellarax, to Earth. Captain Marvel and Drax made the decision to return to Earth first, and then save Titan later. They decided to attack on multiple fronts, Drax would attack Stellarax's spaceship, and Captain Marvel would attack Stellarax himself down on the surface. While attacking Stellarax's spaceship, Drax came across and his girlfriend, and rescued them from captivity. They saved Earth in the end, and made their way back to Titan to save it from ISAAC.

Enraged, he quickly assumed that it was Captain Marvel who had slain Thanos. Drax travelled to Earth, and attacked Captain Marvel. The battle carried on for awhile, neither party giving up, but it finally ended when the human personifcation of , the network computer which controls/governs over Titan, came to them requesting aid to save Titan from Thanos' remaining forces. Captain Marvel and Drax accepted the request, and traveled to Saturn. []

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In the ensuing years, Drax finds himself as a prisoner on a prisoner transport ship that crash lands in Alaska. While there, he encounters a young girl named Cammi whom he mistakes for his daughter and tries to protect her from the other prisoners but seemingly dies doing it. Talks of his death were exaggerated and from the shell of his larger body emerges a slimmer, smarter Drax but one with less strength and no more energy projection and flight abilities. Another prison ship comes to collect the escapees and captures Drax and Cammi in the process. They are taken to an intergalactic prison which is subsequently attacked by the villain known as Annihilus. Now free, the duo teams up with Nova to battle the oncoming threat of the Annihilation Wave and Drax imparts his skills as a warrior onto Nova. Drax soon learns that Thanos has kidnapped Moonstone and threatens to kill her if her father pursues him. As the galactic war rages on, Drax manages to fight his way to the Annihilation Wave’s mothership, encounters Thanos, and manages to finally kill his longtime foe. He escapes the battle after freeing Galactus who teleports him away safely as thanks. His safety is short-lived as he is assimilated into the Phalanx hive mind and is sent to capture his former student, Nova. He is freed from the Phalanx and then joins the heroes in defeating the Phalanx’s master, Ultron. He is then recruited by Star-Lord to joins his team of galactic heroes called the Guardians of the Galaxy. He abandons the group after learning that a fellow team member was using mind control on the team, under Star-Lord’s orders, to have the team function better. He teams up with Moondragon’s girlfriend Quasar in order to find his lost daughter even getting killed and journeying to a land called Oblivion to accomplish this goal. After succeeding, they return and rejoin the Guardians before entering into the War of Kings and then battling a now villainous Adam Warlock. In an attempt to overcome an alternate reality that is plaguing the cosmos called the Cancerverse, the Guardians soon find it necessary to ally with a once again resurrected Thanos in order to bring death to the deathless. While in the Cancerverse, Drax is overcome by hatred and disgust and attempt to kills his hated foe Thanos once again but ends up vaporized by the villain instead. Currently, it’s unclear how, but Drax is once again resurrected and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy yet again.

Later, Drax is seen on a prison transport ship with , , and the . The ship crashes in Alaska, and Drax attacks the others to keep them from harming innocent lives. He mistakes a young girl named Cammi for his daughter, and tries to protect her from Paibok. Drax appears to be killed, but a slimmer, smarter Drax emerges from the larger shell of the dead body. When a second prison ship arrives to recapture the prisoners, both Drax and Cammi are arrested.