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How tall is he? I’m a 4 inch action figures collector, so sad there is no 4 inch megaman toyline and Im a huge fan. I heard from a friend this one is around 4 inches, can you tell me please his size?

I’ve grown to love my little robot friend. He’s worth every penny of that $15 that I settled on with the vendor because I thought $20 was a little steep. And even though he’s kind of my employee because I paid for him and he does work for me in the form of guarding my bedroom at night and so forth, I still consider my Mega Man plush toy one of my best friends.

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But I think what I like most about my Mega Man plush toy are his big anime-style eyes and his kind little smile. He always looks happy and welcoming. He could fight off an entire hoard of robots and defeat their eight robot masters, but he doesn’t have an ounce of anger, bitterness, arrogance or pretense on his face. Sometimes, if I’m having a bad day, I’ll look at my Mega Man plush toy and forget all my troubles.

I got a cool energy tank flask, an amazing piece of art, a t-shirt with Mega Man’s helmet on it and a few Mega Man energy drinks (one to drink and one to display, of course), but the item I cherish the most is my very own Mega Man plush toy. At ten to twelve inches tall and weighing in at, I’ll say, a pound, my Mega Man plush toy is pretty damn cool. He even has his traditional powder blue/navy blue colour combination and classic mega buster arm. It’s like I have the actual Mega Man right here in my own living room.