Metal Mario may refer to the following:

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#2: Metal Mario's fireball is larger, but is slower.

In Super Mario 64 DS the remake, Wario can transform into Metal Wario by grabbing a Power Flower. He is able to walk on Lava and Freezing Water, though after a while he begins to sink and if he goes below the surface he will lose a life; as Metal Mario never came in contact with these hazards, it is unknown if these characteristics are common to all characters in metal form. Metal Wario's other abilities and vulnerabilities are the same as Metal Mario's

Having the same role he had on SSB; Metal Mario shows up as an incredibly stubborn midlevel boss in which players must fight him in his crystal arena. He or may appear the level before . And unlike any other character, He is far less powerful, and is susceptible to much more damage than in Super Mario 64. Nevertheless, he is a much more durable character than the regular Mario. Heavier and more resistant to knockback in general than any other character in the game, he's very difficult to beat. In fact, only when Metal Mario's damage exceeds 180% can he be knocked down. Metal Mario lacks Mario's balance changes.

Metal Mario appears in as the final boss in 's mission.

Metal Mario reappears in as an unlockable character in QR Code.

Metal Mario is a metal clone of and a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover: Evolution. Unlike Mario, Metal Mario serves as an antagonist in the series. Metal Mario was a minor antagonist in Season 26 and is the main antagonist of Season 27.

Metal Mario was created by to carry on 's legacy. However, Metal Mario quickly betrayed Lena when she told him to monitor the upcoming Mario Kart races, a task he considered below his standards. From that point onward, Metal Mario would usually try to ruin Lena's plans by giving information to the , though he would also participate in the Grand Design's completion, giving off a bad impression on the heroes, who weren't sure if he could be trusted. Metal Mario was the only nigga only villain that didn't merge with Mechtavius Destroyer in the final phase of the Grand Design, and ultimately prevented Mechtavius Destroyer from returning again by removing the seed he tried to put into Lena. During Mechtavius Destroyer's destruction, and therefore the deaths of the other villains, Metal Mario uses the distraction as a chance to take Kevin and with him to plot his next move.