#MiWorld Justice playset Mi World + collector pack - NEW

miWorld Deluxe Environment Set with Doll-AMC Movie Theater


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Introducing miWorld! The only line of super realistic miniatures that allows kids to build, collect, connect, display, and play in all the trendiest stores and mall spots. Styles include the following miniature stores: Claires, Sprinkles Cupcakes, OPI Nail Salon, Dairy Queen and Sweet Factory that look just like the real stores, in miniature scale. So cute and tiny kids will love building and customizing their very own miWorld set! Also, look for the free miWorld app in the iTunes store to play tons of mini games, interact with each store, design your own virtual avatar and bring her to life in your actual miWorld playset!

The dolls that come with the miWorld sets are 5″ tall, but the 8″ American Girl minis (and other mini dolls) work really well with these sets. It looks like Saige is checking out the earrings in the mirror and Caroline must be shopping for a new purse.

Pullip with MiWorld nail polish

Tomeo Mami (MiWorld candy not included)

One of the hottest toys on the market right now are called miWorld. These modular sets are high on detail, play value and on-trend fun – you can find them at , Toys R Us and for between $15-40. Natalie has been a big fan of these sets for a while and picked up a few new ones for her . Since we moved, she has been wanting to get the set back up and thanks to a few snow days, she was able to do just that!

Aren’t these play sets adorable? **UPDATE April 2014** I gave this entire set to my 10 year old niece for Christmas and she LOVES them! She still plays with them all the time! She is eager for more expansion packs to come out so she can grow her collection. She said they are really fun and her friends and younger sister love playing miWorld with her! She gives miWorld 2 thumbs up and said she thinks other girls would love it too! Thanks miWorld for making me the aunt with a great present!!