1970s revival, The New Mickey Mouse Club

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Title: The Mickey Mouse Club (1955–1958)

Funny, he doesn't look a day over...oh, never mind. No matter what we say he'll get crabby! Disney Channel will help celebrate the 80th birthday of the delightfully tempestuous Donald Duck with a special episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Friday, J…

Mickey entertains a new generation of preschoolers for the first time by inviting them to join him and his favorite friends (Goofy, Donald, Minnie, Daisy & Pluto) for a date at the Clubhouse. Using early math learning and problem solving skills, he leads kids on an interactive adventure of learning and fun. Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning at 8am/7c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.

"The Mickey Mouse Club" (1955-59) Annette Funicello

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The cast of The New Mickey Mouse Club.

1978: I sat and watched the heavy rainfall from our kitchen window. It was a Thursday morning and my parents had piled our weekly trash into bursting gray bags at the end of our driveway. From the view through the window, I saw that atop the heavy mound of trash, lay my cardboard Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It was worn, tattered, and ratty beyond any reasonable usability. Its colors were mostly faded, and the front side door had been torn away from too many ins-and-outs and games of hide-and-seek.

Minnie Mouse has a passion for fashion, which she showcases in this short-form series (based on an episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'') as the owner, along with good friend Daisy Duck, of Minnie's Bow-tique, a specialty shop that sells only bows and bow ties. The shop has a bow (or bow tie) for every occasion.