A Microdrive Compact Flash (CF) Type 2

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ZX Spectrum with Interface 1 and Microdrive

* Was there a possible cause for error, such as using the Microdrive above or below the operating temperatures of 5 to 55 degrees Celsius? Has the Microdrive suffered an impact or mishandling? Has the Microdrive been subjected to high humidity or static electricity?

If you are formatting the Hitachi Microdrive in Microsoft Windows (the recommended platform), you can right click on the drive icon and choose Format. If you are formatting the Microdrive in the Mac Operating System, you can use the Disk Utility program. For formatting instructions for your camera, handheld system, or PDA, please see the device’s documentation.

The ZX MicrodriveSource: Wikimedia/Scott Telford

Input and output line reactors are available for GS2 series AC Micro Drives
  • There are two types of AutomationDirect line reactors that can be used with GS series AC Drives: the original GS series reactors (legacy) and the newer LR series line reactors. The LR series drive line reactors may also be used with a variety of AC drive brands.
  • LR series line reactors have universal mounting feet with multiple mounting slots and they can replace most drive line reactors using the existing mounting holes.
  • LR series line reactors start at $57.00
  • LR Series Line Reactors Overview

Circuit protection devices are essential to prevent costly damage to your AC drive application equipment.
  • Fuses and fuse kits are available from AUTOMATIONDIRECT for the GS2 series and GS3 series DURApulse AC drives.
  • Replacement fuses are also available.
  • Complete Fuse Kits Overview

Braking units are applied to absorb the motor regeneration energy when the three-phase induction motor stops by deceleration.
  • Braking Units are available only for GS3 series DURApulse Drives.
  • Braking resistors are used to increase the control torque of the AC drive, for frequently repeated ON-OFF cycles of the AC drive, or for decelerating a load with large inertia.
  • GS-2DBU and GS-4DBU, used with GS series braking resistors, provide optimum braking performance.
  • Complete AC Drive Braking Resistors Overview

  • Input EMI filters reduce electromagnetic interference or noise on the input side of the AC drive.
  • They are required for CE compliance and recommended for installations prone to or sensitive to electromagnetic interference.
  • RF filters reduce the radio frequency interference or noise on the input or output side of the inverter.
  • Complete EMI / RF Filters Overview
  • Inside the Microdrive cartridgeSource: Wikimedia/Mumiemonstret

    Yes, a Hitachi Microdrive can be used with a Macintosh. The Macintosh will require at minimum OS 8.0. We also recommend checking with Apple to verify compatibility with your specific system.

    To use a Microdrive with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME device drivers may be required. The device drivers and installation instructions can be found at the following URL: