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The Mimo Smart Baby Movement Monitor uses a smart, washable crib sheet to show parents their baby’s sleep activity and movement on their smartphone or tablet (iOS only). Parents and caregivers can see live data, and the Mimo Movement Monitor also sends alerts (via push notification) if no movement has been detected after a certain period of time. In addition, a timeline is generated each morning to show your little one’s activity throughout the night.

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor uses all-cotton kimonos and bodysuits to show you your baby’s breathing, sleeping temperature, body position, activity level, and whether they are awake and asleep, all right to your smartphone. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (the safest technology available), this information is sent, along with live audio, in real-time to your smart device, and parents can share the information with as many caregivers as they like.

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Adding the phrase "for babies" to any product bumps the price up by a disturbing amount... But do baby wearables like the Mimo Lilypad Smart Baby Monitor justify the high price tag?

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I’m a new dad and consider myself a technology innovator, so it is probably to be expected that I’d look for high-tech ways to monitor my baby, beyond the standard remote cameras. Of course, not all the ways I want to monitor are really easy to reproduce, but the folks at Rest Devices have done something scalable. They created the MIMO Smart Baby Monitor. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to send data back from the sensor, making it very easy to connect to a BeagleBone Black (or SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green) using a BLE dongle (such as as we did in ).