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Given the vast number of rc airplanes available these days, there are plenty around that can be put into the 'mini rc airplanes' category, and one popular example is the Mini Super Cub from HobbyZone.

The Mini Super Cub RTF is a 3 channel plane, like its bigger cousin, and despite its smaller size it still features HobbyZone's trademark Anti Crash Technology™ that returns the plane to straight and level flight if the pilot gets in to difficulties. The ACT can be turned off or permanently disconnected if you don't want it; indeed many HobbyZone plane owners prefer not to have it connected.
The Mini Super Cub doesn't feature the X-Port™ technology, though, so aerial games such as parachute dropping and aerial combat can't be enjoyed with this particular mini rc airplane.

This mini RC airplane provides the same incredible use

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Arish and his mini RC Plane Baba Fly this

While on the subject of Cubs, another one available is the from E-flite. This is smaller still, at 24" (610mm) span, and features the new AS3X stabilisation technology.
Two optional features makes this mini rc plane very attractive - a float set and mini glider towing ability! But this great little plane isn't available in Ready To Fly form, just PNP and BNF.

What's equally impressive is E-Flite's ability to create a tiny version of the new F-27Q Stryker with the same aerobatic capabilities. As you can see in the video above, there's not much this mini RC airplane can't do.