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More and More Entertainment Choices
With Android 2.2, the PocketDroid Mini Tablet comes with everything you need from a media entertainment unit and mobile internet device. For starters, go online through WiFi and watch your favorite YouTube videos or update your Facebook status. When you’re done, listen to music while looking at funny cat pictures on the internet, then send them to others through email. Next, listen to music or play a few levels of Angry Birds. Finally, log on to the free Android Marketplace and choose from thousands of free applications for any purpose! The 4GB of internal flash memory allows you to go download-happy, but just for good measure a micro SD card slot is available for external memory up to 32GB.

Microsoft's Surface Mini tablet is expected to launch later this month, but the software giant remains completely tight-lipped on the project, even though people familiar with the matter already revealed some important details about this device.

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    • Digital Media Player for TV (HDMI, USB, SD, AV)
    • Pocket Droid-Mini Android Tablet 2.2
  • China Mini Tablet PC (MI701-E) - China Mini Tablet Pc, Mini Unpc

    Based on the existing rumors, the you're seeing here are envisioning a Surface Mini tablet that looks absolutely outstanding, while also keeping the design cues belonging to the first and second-generation Surface that's already on the market.

    Smaller Size, Higher Quality
    Quality over quantity is the motto of the PocketDroid and the smaller body does not mean we removed a few chips here and features there. In fact, it’s the opposite as the PocketDroid can hold its own against most of the larger Android tablets out there! The mini tablet is driven by a 800MHz high performance processor, 300MHz DSP (digital signal processor) for video, as well as 256MB of RAM, making the whole system run and feel as smooth as silk.