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Minifigs R Us released a massive range of digitally printed German military torso’s, heads and legs this year which have been hugely popular. We haven’t been able to keep up with the demand!

Hey guys welcome to another video. This is a review on my new order I recently received. Go check out Minifigs r us website they have the best custom Lego ww2 items. Thank you Minifigs r us!!!

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  • Create your very own custom LEGO minifigure, ..

    Minifigures generally feature six parts (widely referred to as in the toy industry): , , , , , and ; these six parts allow seven points of : head, swivel arms, swivel , and swivel legs. Minifigures are usually packaged as three separate parts in Lego sets: head, torso and legs. The plastic is (ABS), a tough material that makes LEGO figures durable.

    Minifigures have also featured unique head sculpts that differ from the traditional cylindrical shape; the first was , included in a Star Wars set in 1999, followed by , , Harry Potter figures, , and . Kit Fisto was the first minifigure to not use an head. The minifigure used rubber instead. Traditional accessories, such as hats and helmets, cannot be placed on these non-standard heads. Some minifigures, such as , Guards and use a sandwich board piece which fits over the body. has a sculpted Lego brick head that fits like a standard head, similar to the ghost figures, except that these figures use short or standard legs instead of a brick.