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[…] yards of moss-green, jersey knit fabric. Before the babies were born, I had found an excellent tutorial on Pinterest for making a homemade Moby baby carrier. I followed the very easy instructions, […]

i don't know about the moby carrier but i have used the ergo baby carrier for my second and now third child and it is the best. I have the same back and shoulder issues with other carriers within minutes of putting it on. i have worn the ergo carrier for hours at a time and never hurt once. my cousin and her sister have one also and i bought one for my best friend as a shower gift. they are easy to use front,back,side and breast feeding. good luck

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Black Moby GO Carrier | Baby & Me | Pinterest

Cute and cozy Moby Knot Hats! A great accessory to your Moby Wrap Carrier. Keep little heads snug and protected from the summer sun and warm in winter.

The moby carrier is pretty much one long strip of fabric that is tapered at both ends. You can see the measurements above. The key is really just cutting it. I like the sewn way because it saves money and it gives you a seam down the middle which is handy way to find the center when you go to wear the baby carrier. If you go for the no sew way you basically cut your fabric in half and fold it instead of having the seam shown in the picture (this might make more sense after my instructions below).