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Inspired by a friend's daughter's Halloween costume, Monkeying Around is fun-filled doodle pack packed with cheeky monkeys! Perfect for scrapping the antics of little monkeys in your life, zoo trips and safari photos Monkeying Around contains the following hand drawn doodles: arrow, heart, peeled banana, bunch of bananas, tree branch, 3 flowers, 2 leaves, 5 monkeys, boy and girl in monkey costumes, palm tree, 4 vines, 'monkey' wordart and the following wordy-bits: around, bananas, business, cheeky, lil', little, monkey, monkeying, monkeys, my

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By far one of the most popular dress up themes are Animal Costumes. With an animal kingdom so vast, the choice of animal oufts is large as your imagination. From Insects to endangered species, land animals, sea creatures to birds of beauty, we have them all. If you love monkeying around then grab yourself some low cost fun. Dress up in your favourite animal fancy dress costume today!Oh and please do not feed the animals.

Monkey Bizness is a place where kids can truly monkey around! Our giant indoor playground provides a safe, clean, environment for family fun. Children ages 1-10 are guaranteed to delight in the inflatable bouncy houses, slides, jungle gyms, and climbing walls and toys. Dedicated toddler playground areas provide a safe environment that is separated from “the big monkey’s”. Little Monkey Bizness locations are specially built for children ages 1-6 and feature a cafe for parents to enjoy freshly brewed Seattle’s Best coffee. Kids can play for hours, burning excess energy and promoting their overall health in the process. Our original Monkey Bizness locations are suited for kids ages 2-10 and feature large inflatable slides, obstacle courses, as well as multiple-story soft play equipment.