Overall, I would rate the DC motor kit as of low quality and shoddy.

Iglobalbuy 26" or 28"Bicycle 80cc 2 Stroke Motorized Gas Engine Motor Kit

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Motorized Bicycle kit's & Bicycle Motor Engine Kits for your bicycle

Two years ago purchased a kit only to mount to my Tanaka PF-40. This bike has performed flawlessly, as I have put it through the paces of running errands around my local neighborhood area, and done some minor commuting on occassion- a round trip of 30 miles daily. Having had MANY different Bike Motorizing Kits, both modern and vintage, I have long felt that The GEBE has done an excellent job of distilling down all the previous drive systems through the ages and done away with all the weak points, and utilized all the strong points in the previous forms to offer the perfect and nearly flawless bicycle motorizing kit!

The MOST COMPLETE ’04-05 450R motor bearing kit available is this TRX 450R complete engine bearing kit. It includes all 450R OEM or better quality roller and needle bearings for the entire bottom end or motor. A complete oil seal kit is also included. Need gaskets too? Add a complete kit for only $60! Contact us!!

PD750 Electric Motor Kit - Rhoades Car

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We recommend our Small Swamp Runner™ mud motor kits for layout boats, poke boats, sneak boxes, flat-back canoes, Gheenoes, and small jonboats.

Ships with 6 1/4” & 6 1/2" diameter propellers, generally used with engines between 5.5 and 7HP.

Kit Weight: 46 lbs.  

$399.00 + shipping


CNC Stepper Motor kit , Servo Motor Kit - Kelinginc

Customer ordered the 24V Rega Motor Kit and had us install it, before they decided to upgrade in the Rega line. Kit is professionally installed, and the supplied wall wart is included in sale.

A complete electric skateboard is capable of 20mph to 45+ mph, a range of 6 miles to 20+ miles per charge with the ability to climb 20-30% hill inclines (depending on build setup). Best of all, these electric longboards have braking abilities through a handheld RC controller which is one of the most amazing aspects of having an electric skateboard. Currently, we have recently started offering Motor Mounts that you can weld onto 180/195mm Paris Style Trucks. From our previous customers and interested buyers. We noticed many of our customers are looking for a pre-welded motor mount solution. I’m proud to now announce that we will start having pre-welded single and dual motor mount kits available for purchase.