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Motorola accessories support your two way radios by keeping the power on your mobile workforce on the move. From original batteries made specifically and tested for your radio, to original antennas specifically tuned to give your two-way radio maximum range. All the accessories listed are Motorola original accessories and are built specifically to support your Motorola products.

When it comes to proven quality that you expect from your two-way radios, why settle for less? These original Motorola accessories like batteries, chargers, headsets, speakers and so much more helps you communicate more efficiently with the rest of your team and keeps your two-way radio working at maximum capacity.

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    Make the most of your phone with a Motorola charger, handsfree kit, battery, data kit, case, holster, and more. Browse our large selection of original and aftermarket Motorola from brand name companies. Discountcell brings you both value and quality when purchasing Motorola accessories and any Motorola cell phone accessory. To begin viewing our large selection of Motorola cell phone accessories, choose the Motorola cell phone model above.

    Motorola introduced the Droid Razr Maxx in early 2012, two months after launching the Droid Razr, the thinnest phone available in the United States at the time. Unlike its thinner counterpart, the Droid Razr Maxx features a much larger 3300 mAh battery that promises users many more hours of use on LTE networks. Users who want to unlock the full potential of their should consider investing in accessories. There is a wide range of official Motorola accessories for the phone, as well as many third-party ones. Since can be expensive, a good understanding of the purpose of each accessory helps users purchase only the ones they need.