What to look for when buying your first baby movement monitor?

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Baby movement monitors come in two basic designs. The first one is which comes with sensor pads that are meant to be placed beneath the bed or mat where infant will sleep.

Baby movement monitors are highly efficient . These gadgets have been designed to be reliable tracking mechanisms for breathing movements. This way, young children, especially those under the age of 1, are properly monitored and guarded from the sinister killer that is .

Overview of the Top 5 Baby Movement Monitors of 2013.

3 BabySense Infant Movement Monitor

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Baby movement monitors are relatively made available to consumers. These devices are the much simpler yet just as effective counterparts of the apnea monitors that hospitals use. And much like the latter, baby movement monitors also keep track of vibrations that come from the monitored child. At any time the baby ceases to move, the device will set off an alarm so that the parents and/or carer can immediately intervene and save the child’s life.

“Years ago when Emfit was still fairly new in the USA we purchased the Emfit Movement Monitor to help us monitor our daughter’s seizures (Christine Ocean was a great help to us.) Despite numerous medications and two brain surgeries our daughter still has an extremely high number of seizures daily and especially during her sleep. This monitor has been a lifesaver as at times, when it has alerted us, we have found her experiencing a generalized (tonic-clonic) seizure where her face has been buried in her bedding or pillow . Without this alert she probably would have died due to the inability to breathe. The monitor is essential in our home and we have often recommended it to other families who are dealing with this disorder.”