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My nipples cracked and bled with my first baby

My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves makes realistic noises including some rather funny wind! When she is sleeping she will breath heavily and when awake she coos and gurgles. The noises are very similar to the other Baby A dolls but there are some new noises too and she definitely provides a different purpose.

My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves is everything she says she will be and super sweet to boot! She has a soft body, another great trait for a littler girl and a delicately featured face. Zapf Creation have a very creative and thoughtful approach when making dolls, I think they have hit the nail directly on the head by making some of their dolls available as boys, different ethnicities and bigger and smaller sizes for differently aged children. I have always found the ‘my first’ range pleasing and the new my first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves is no exception. I only wish there had been dolls like this when I was a little girl. I would have been just as in love with playing with them as Florence is; I totally delight in watching her play with them.

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Already got Baby Annabell and keen to add to your collection or if you would just prefer a boy doll then take a look at my first baby Annabell brother, soft bodied making him ideal for lots of cuddles and dressed in blue, he’s a real cutie pie!

As soon as she found my first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves she was utterly delighted! She recognised her as being one from the same range and I knew she was instantly smitten because of this. There really is just something special about these dolls, they are more exciting, more realistic in their functions and super quality.