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Travel to Ponyville and learn some lessons from Princess Celestia in a magical My Little Pony costume. Follow the studious unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle on an adventure to learn about friendship as a Pegasus pony that clears the skies in Ponyville in a Rainbow Dash costume. Or embrace being an earth pony and bring laughter to the Elements of Harmony in a Pinkie Pie costume. Halloween will definitely be magical as you and your friends help everyone in Equestria and share the different elements of friendship with each other as Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and more. Don't forget tights, face tattoo decals, and a My Little Pony bag to complete your look. For a truly special trick or treating experience, shop Spirit Halloween for My Little Pony Costumes.

Rainbow Dash is a pony with a blue body and a multicolored pastel mane and tail. The Girl's Rainbow Dash costume features a blue jumpsuit made of sparkly and plush fabrics and had a pink satin sash with a bow. The headpiece has the pony's face and mane. The matching tail is detachable for comfort. This costume is based on the My Little Pony TV show as well as the line of toys made by Hasbro. Other My Little Pony costumes include Pinkie Pie. All My Little Pony characters have a symbol. Rainbow Dash's symbol is a rainbow and clouds.

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Ladies and girls alike will love our beautiful range of licensed My Little Pony costumes. Your little one will look super cute dressed as her favourite pony. Check out our kids costumes and toddler costumes such as the Star Song Deluxe, Pinkie Pie Deluxe, Rainbow Dash Classic and more. Let your daughter choose her favourite character to dress up as and she'll be ready for her next fancy dress party!

With their promise of total escape, flotation tanks seem like a welcome antidote to our month of sensory overload. You can’t unsee the large man in the My Little Pony costume, but some time off the grid might help you send that memory gently on its way. Peace be with you, good sir.