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I had to e-mail and say I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! I am a constant nail bitter. My dad told me I was biting my fingernails ever since my teeth came in. I tried many times before to try to stop this nasty habit. I was so bad...they say it takes 21 days to break a habit. Well I made it to 20 before then I woke up with my fingers hurting....I had chewed them in my sleep. I even tried "stop nail biting" solutions, once my mouth went numb that was it. Press on or fake nails...chewed them flat....smiles...Then one day at the mall a girl came up and grabbed my hands and said she was a bad fingernail bitter before also. She told me how she used your product and demonstrated how to use the buffer. I was amazed how great my nails looked. Then she told me to try to bite them. No matter how hard I tried I could not. I Needless to say I had brought 3 for your nail kits. Now it's a little over 3 months and I can say I have not bit my fingernails since. I tell everyone about your product and told them how it's help stop the "impossible habit" of 30 years. Once again, Thank You!!!!-Marlena

thin, brittle, lustreless nails with marked longitudinal ridging/beading, narrow, transverse, red-brown band (just proximal to free margin); characteristic of old age

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  • Box — a wire nail with a head; box nails have a smaller shank than common nails of the same size
  • Bright — no surface coating; not recommended for weather exposure or acidic or treated lumber
  • Casing — a wire nail with a slightly larger head than finish nails; often used for flooring
  • CC or Coated — "cement coated"; nail coated with adhesive (cement) for greater holding power; also resin- or vinyl-coated; coating melts from friction when driven to help lubricate then adheres when cool; color varies by manufacturer (tan, pink, are common)
  • Common — a common construction wire nail with a disk-shaped head that is typically 3 to 4 times the diameter of the shank: common nails have larger shanks than box nails of the same size
  • Cut — machine-made square nails. Now used for masonry and historical reproduction or restoration.
  • Duplex — a common nail with a second head, allowing for easy extraction; often used for temporary work, such as concrete forms or wood scaffolding; sometimes called a "scaffold nail"
  • Drywall — a specialty blued-steel nail with a thin broad head used to fasten gypsum wallboard to wooden framing members
  • Finish — a wire nail that has a head only slightly larger than the shank; can be easily concealed by countersinking the nail slightly below the finished surface with a nail-set and filling the resulting void with a filler (putty, spackle, caulk, etc.)
  • Forged — handmade nails (usually square), hot-forged by a blacksmith or nailor, often used in historical reproduction or restoration, commonly sold as collectors items
  • Galvanized — treated for resistance to corrosion and/or weather exposure
    • Electrogalvanized — provides a smooth finish with some corrosion resistance
    • Hot-dip galvanized — provides a rough finish that deposits more zinc than other methods, resulting in very high corrosion resistance that is suitable for some acidic and treated lumber;
    • Mechanically galvanized — deposits more zinc than electrogalvanizing for increased corrosion resistance

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I have been biting my nails for about 33 of my 36 years that I have been alive. I have tried numerous methods of not biting them from the nasty tasting products that you can put on your nails to practically having my wife slap my hands when she catches me doing it. Well one day after having lunch in the mall I walked by this booth and this lady came up to me and told me that she could make my nails look good and I replied by telling her that I didn't have any. Well she said what if I could show you something that would make you stop biting them I was like yeah ok whatever. After she cleaned my nails and buffed them I was so overwhelmed that I bought one of the kits and ever since then I have not bitten them again and that was over 3 months ago. They are now growing and look good and I never imagined how different it makes my hands look. I am a faithful customer and have told all of my fellow nail biters about it. You have a good product and it has blessed me more than you will ever know. Thanks again, James

A timeless nail art design that exudes elegance and style isrepresented by floral motifs imprinted on your favorite nail polishor on bare nails and the best thing about floral nail art designsis that there is an array of flower styles to experiment with. Gotiny, oversized, monochrome, multi-tonal, hand-painted or applied,3D or simple, depending on your current mood. The possibilities areendless, so use your favorite nail lacquers to achieve a stylishfloral nail art design. Spice up your nails with a lovely floralnail art design every time you're feeling romantic, as this wayyou'll surely match your manicure with your mood!