, do you know of any great day care nap mats for toddlers

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The Aquatopia Memory Foam nap mat for toddlers is perfect to use as a bed for vacations or to take to daycare for naps. This nap mat for toddlers is 3/4 inch thick and 40 inches long with Memory Foam material making it one of the most comfortable, yet portable, toddler nap mats available. It comes with a coordinating pillow and fleece blanket making it a bargain for the price. Amazingly it is washable and many reviews report it holds up well to washing. It comes in blue and pink for both boys and girls. For travel you can roll the mat with blanket and pillow up for easy carrying and to store.

This nap mat for toddlers is longer than the Aquatopia with a length of 50 inches. This makes it best for tall toddlers or even kindergarteners who still take naps at daycare or school. It also comes with a pillow and blanket attached and rolls up neatly with a handle for easy carrying. The entire mat is washable, although it’s best not to wash the entire pillow as it does not hold up well in the washing machine.

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    ADORABLE Disney Cars toddler nap mat with pillow featuring Lightning McQueen Mater. Disney - Cars Nap Mat For Toddler-great for home, daycare or on-the-go use! A convenient quilted preschool nap mat, ...
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    If you are a daycare provider or preschool, this is the best cheap nap mat to buy for all the kids. This is made of antimicrobial vinyl to prevent the growth of germs. The vinyl material is easy to wipe off after each use with a disinfectant wipe. It folds up for easy storage so you can quickly put the mats away after naptime and set them up just as quickly. It is 2 inches thick with meets the minimum standards for most states with regulations on nap mats for toddlers.

    You don’t have to spend a lot of money for some of the best nap mats for toddlers on the market. However, which one will be best for you depends on who you are buying the mat for. If you are a parent buying a travel mat or one for daycare, then ones with a pillow and blanket attached are the best. Since only your child will use this mat, you don’t have to worry about passing or getting germs from other children. If you are a daycare buying mats for each of your kids to use, then the best ones are antimicrobial and vinyl for easy cleaning since different kids may use the mat each day. You can easily buy all these nap mats for toddlers on Amazon.