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The only thing you’ll be missing when purchase the Star Trek Enterprise NCC 1701-C Coffee Table is a great captain and a first officer to share a few drinks with. Of course you could just pour yourself several drinks in the and pretend that Captain Kirk and Spock are there with you as you pull an all-nighter watching classic reruns.

The was the first class vessel to be authorized and construction began at Starfleet Division, San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth on July 16, 2242. Originally proposed to be named the , due to numerous alterations in design and power it was redesignated NCC 1701. Overseeing the construction was , after being appointed by Commodore van Anling, who worked closely with naval architect Lawrence Marvick, chief construction engineer Franz Joseph IV, and their team, which included Bernice Hart and Montgomery Scott. When construction began, the had not yet been named, with the intention that the ship would be named upon completion.

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Which is your favourite?
Klingon Bird Of Prey or USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-A)
USS Kelvin or Enterprise NX-01?
Xindi-Aquatic cruiser or Xindi-Insectoid shuttle?
Andorian Kumari class or Tholian starship?

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I heard that NCC 1701 is a reference to Yale University. It was founded in 1701 in what was then called New Haven, Colony of Connecticut (pre American Revolution so Connecticut was not yet a state. Gene Roddenberry went to Columbia, another Ivy League school but has many ties to Yale (example a screening of The Cage). NCC 1701 is a tribute to Yale.