Nerf N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 White

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Nerf's N-Strike Maverick is straightforward no-frills dart gun fun

The Nerf N Strike Maverick is the best selling Nerf gun of all-time, which is really saying something, given the number of iconic weapons Nerf has produced over the years.

The Nerf N Strike Maverick is a six-shot semi-automatic blaster that will shoot as fast as you can pump and pull the trigger. It features great range and accuracy, and the pop out chamber is a lot of fun.

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    My 9 year old son is a huge fan of nerf guns and owns most of them, we bought this from amazon in october 2011 for his birthday along with three other nerf n strike guns. ive found amazon to be the best value for money and was initially very pleased with my purchase.

    Like all the nerf guns this is made with very tough exellent quaility plastic and is very light weight, the packaging was a little tough to get into as it was held in place with various wires that were twisted into knots but we got there in the end.
    The instuctions were very clear and helpful and we had no problems getting to grips with how the gun loaded, fired and re-loaded and the gun came with 6 whistler darts to start us off.

    At first it seemed the gun worked perfectly as my son ran about the house firing darts at imaginary enemies, but after around ten minutes the gun appeared to keep shreading and marking the darts as it fired them, which as anyone who is a fan of nerf guns knows that once a dart is shredded or marked it goes in the bin as it is no longer useable. We had extra dart ammo packs from other nerf guns so my son tried again with darts that had previously been fine and the same thing kept happening, only the problems got worse as the barrel started to jam and wouldnt move at all.

    The darts become expensive when having to replace them regularly and this gun wasted a whole ammo pack by shredding and marking them beyond further use, needless to say my son was very let down and disappointed with this gun, not only for not working correctly and jamming but for destroying his other darts too, he was quite upset by this. So it turned out that the nerf n strike maverick was not the bargain i though it was and ended up in the bin along with all the nerf darts it had destroyed within half an hour of it being opened.

    Avoid disappointed angry and upset son's and dont buy this one.