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I just came across these two new Barbie doll sets that are now available in the stores. First up is a articulated (except for the wrists) Barbie I Can Be – Sea World doll. She retails for $14.99 and can be alrady found in the shops.

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    Mattel released a new Barbie doll that's taking over the Oval Office with her vice president. The pair is sold together in a array of hair colors, face shapes, and skin tones.

    Barbie is back and ready to show off her new styles! All of the new Barbie dolls have a ton of different clothes and accessories that your kids can use to style their Barbie doll into whatever they would like! But Barbie is not the only one who is getting a new makeover. Barbie’s friends also have tons of great new accessories and clothes that will help complete any Barbie collection!