Upcoming New Superhero Movies: 2016-2020 Release Dates

Infographic: New Superhero Movies Between Now And 2020

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Timeline: All the new superhero movies coming out from now to 2020

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Gumball Machine for Children to Learn Colors - SuperHeroes Balls Surprise

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Which New Superhero Movie Are You Most Excited For?

During a special press event Marvel Studios yesterday announced not one but eight new superhero movies as part of their planned phase three releases.

and of have created “,” a parody of ‘s of new superhero movies that now extends to the year 2025. Dorkly’s new timeline is filled to the brim with both bogus and hilarious movie ideas.

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    They're coming… In all shapes and sizes, all colors and costumes, all backgrounds and nationalities, from different planets and our own planet – superheroes. By the dozens, by the hundreds, by the thousands. Marvel and DC are both working on scores of big new superhero movies that will involve crossovers, and characters appearing in franchises left and right. So how crazy do the next four years look? Overwhelming, might be the right word. Or exciting, if you're really a die-hard comic book geek who hasn't had enough of the superhero movie machine already. Below is a chart made by a fan and posted showing the logos of 25 different comic book/superhero movies coming up between now and 2019. There's a lot on here.

    is reporting that comic book legend Stan Lee is developing a new superhero movie project entitled Monkey Master, which has been set up as a Chinese and Indian co-production that will primarily be targeted towards the lucrative Chinese market, although it is expected to be shot in the English language, with a western director.