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The Rock displayed the new WWE Championship belt on Monday Night Raw after defending his title against CM Punk at Elimination Chamber. The old belt will be placed in the WWE Hall of Fame.

You see, John Cena won the WWE championship about eight years ago, and at the time, Cena was a wannabe rap star. In keeping with that theme, he had a new WWE title belt designed that featured a spinning WWE logo in the middle, sort of like those car rims that spin.

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10-24-2014, 06:39 PM
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The IC title hands down. But the U.S. Title isn't bad & I do think the new WWE Title belt looks 100 times better with the new logo on it rather than the old scratch logo. I just wish the logo/globe sideplates were permanent, all the goofy personalized sideplates just look stupid.

Also it's a shame that the U.S. title & the Divas title are the only belts with name plates now, super random.

Photo: The New WWE Championship Belt Unveiled - Wrestlezone

On the February 18, 2013 episode of , The Rock unveiled a new WWE Championship belt. The new title was partially designed by of fame. The championship included a large cut-out of the scratch WWE logo (encrusted with diamonds) inside a large irregular heptagonal plate. The word "Champion" appeared underneath the logo in large letters. On each side was a divider bar and a large plate. Default side plates consisted of a red globe with the WWE logo underneath a crown, but they were replaced with the reigning champion's personal logo. This championship belt was used in tandem with the Big Gold Belt to represent the renamed WWE World Heavyweight Championship after unified the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship on December 15, 2013.

WWE enlisted Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers to create the belt, with help from famed belt maker Dave Millican. Many radical ideas were discussed for the new WWE Championship belt, including a red leather strap, a 3D eagle clutching a WWE logo and even little door hinges on both sites.