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Newborn Baby Checklist: Connect with your Infant from the First Day of his Life and Ensure He is Risk-Free for the Next 90 Days: A guide in taking care of newborn babies.

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Prepare a newborn baby checklist with all the baby essentials. ... to keep all of baby’s clothing and accessories in one place - as you can use it for years to come, ...

We know this is a wonderful and busy time for your family. To help you plan for your first days at home, we hope you will find this newborn checklist useful.

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You can use this newborn baby checklist template to make everything easier. It has lot of columns, but, you can easily find the group of items that has similar usage. The columns title is colored and capitalized, plus bolded. So, you know what item and what group it is in. the other columns is the quantity columns. It’s quite big, where you can write the number of item that available. Basically, with this template, you can easily make a checklist for your newborn baby needs.

The real, simple truth is that all babies really need is something to eat (breastmilk or formula), a safe place to sleep, diapers, and a whole lot of snuggly love. But, for obsessive planners, like myself, here is a newborn checklist of everything else that would be nice to have.