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    how to walk. Tonight, at my lesson with Teach 2, he asked me how my comp prep was coming and if I was ready. I told him about the samba and turtle thing. He immediately started laughing and said, “Well, yeah, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are probably pretty good dancers. Which one are you?” I honestly did not see that coming. I forgot about those little guys — they are quite coordinated. I was definitely seeing myself more in the realm of Tortoise and the Hare scenario.

    That being said, Ninja Turtles or no, the comp is coming and I still want to do whatever I can to dance my best. As we were deciding on our heats this past weekend, Teach showed me how students were allowed to dance both Bronze and Silver scholarships — like last year. This is hard for me, because what happens is that the really good silver dancers dance down in the bronze scholarships to get warmed up and get really good placements. Sigh. I said this to Teach2 tonight and he just said that I needed to have the best possible technique that I could and let what happen, happen. And that just because someone is dancing silver it doesn’t mean that they’re technique is better than mine. This does go along with what Teach keeps saying in my regular lessons with him. He says that I should show the judges that I understand correct technique and am doing the best I can to demonstrate it — that this is a much better option than comfortable sloppy dancing. I want to believe this is true.